Tuesday, 17 June 2008

9TA Tuesday 17th June

Aims: To learn how to use google docs!

Starter: Organise a group of about four people that you will work with this lesson. You don't need to sit next to them! You don't even need to talk to them (out loud!)

1. Sign into google docs - http://docs.google.com/ you can use the same username and password you use for your blog. Have a play for 5 minutes to work out how to create a document or presentation and find out what they can do.
2. Sharing your documents: one of the clever things about google docs is you can work on things with other people - click on the share button and type in some e-mails of friends to add as collaborators. You will all be able to work on the document together! Have a try and say hi to each other.
3. Mini Project - Using docs or presentations work on one of the following projects...
a. A story called Dave's strange journey to school
b. A presentation called: The most amazing facts you need to know
c. A celebrity/football/sports/fashion etc News page: Write up the latest news with your group d. Another idea of your own that you've checked with me first

Extension Work:
Google Calender: Log into google calender and create a shared calendar with your birthdays etc.

Plenary: Write a short blog post about google docs and how you found using it.

Homework: There has been some controversy over google's use of information. Some people are worried about privacy and more. Research and write a post on your blog about The Google Controversy, why are some people worried about google and in particular privacy.

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