Wednesday, 25 June 2008

9TA Thursday 25th June - Controversial Blogging

Aims: To look at how blogs are used across the world to express opinions even where you are not allowed to.
To express your opinions on a freedom of speech issue via a blog or other page.
To learn about google docs and what they are

Starter: Homework from last week: What is the google controvery?
Sign into google docs - you can use the same username and password you use for your blog. Have a play for 5 minutes to work out how to create a document or presentation and find out what they can do.
2. Sharing your documents: one of the clever things about google docs is you can work on things with other people - click on the share button and type in some e-mails of friends to add as collaborators. You will all be able to work on the document together! Invite some friends but don't wait for them to reply - we'll come back to that later (it can take a while to get everything set up as well).

Main Activity:
Can it be dangerous to blog?
1. Use a blog search (such as technorati or google blog search) to find a blogger who has been arrested or got in trouble for what they wrote. Write about it on your blog, what are your feelings on this? Was it the fault of the blogger or were they the victim? (you can search for bloggers who have been arrested)

2. Blogs for freedom - many countries have limits on what people can write or on press freedom. In other countries there are other problems.
Take a look at these news stories and blogs

And other countries

Write on your blog about how people in different countries use blogs to express themselves. Put links to some blogs you have found interesting.

3. Blogs can also be interesting to find out the latest news - find a few examples
Chinese Earthquake

homework: last one ever - write a blog post - year 7, 8 and 9. Which is the best, what has changed, what was great, what was rubbish.

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