Thursday, 12 June 2008

9TA Thursday 12th June

Do your level tests on yacapaca.
Write a snappy blog post
learn to give good Feedback using comments
Learn what a tag is

Tasks: For after the tests
IMPORTANT: For privacy and safety do NOT use your full names on the blogs. Just to be on the safe side.

Log into blogger (click log in above)

1. Write a short blog post on exams and tests. Is there a point in exams, do you secretly love them, what's your opinion? (if it doesn't fit in with your blog you can start a new one up really quickly). Add relevant tags to your post.

2. What is the point of tagging your posts or other items you put on the web? Write your answer on your blog. You may want to add a tag cloud to the sidebar on your blog like I have on this blog. On bloggger tags are called labels. Go to your template and add a labels box.

3. Write a comment on my blog to say you have completed the first two tasks - (put a link to your website in the comment)

4. Visit some blogs from your classmates and leave them constructive comments. Do you agree with what they wrote? Do you have any ideas to improve their blogs?

Extension Work: Sign up for google analytics - try and add it to your blog.

Homework: Find 5 websites that you may be interested in following when they update.
2 must be blogs
1 should be a news website (you can choose a specific type of news like fashion or entertainment news)
1 should be a category of photos on flickr (eg all photos tagged "school")
Have them all written down somewhere (your planner, your blog or on paper) for next lesson WE WILL be using them!


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